Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Perth Foreshore

My initial reaction to the new Perth foreshore proposal was a cautious one.  The way computer graphics are used in architectural presentation is powerful and it is interesting that the main sell of this proposal is through beautiful computer renderings.  These projects will morph a thousand times before getting to what is actually built.  And even if what is built looks exactly like what they are presenting, the actual 'feel' of it will not have the ambience and magic they are able to convey with computer graphics.  I have confidence in Perth architects but not always in the financially driven, fast tracked, cost cutting financing and procurement process.  It is mind boggling that such a complex, and long process of logistics, commercial reality, buildability, and the like can be all wrapped into a neat little computer rendering and be ticked off and sent out to the market to be produced like wrapping a christmas present. 

I would like to see some more meaningful functional relationship diagrams, showing how this sideshow relates to the city itself, which I feel is getting sidelined in favour of the beautiful Swan River. 

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